Tuesday, August 6, 2013

It's True Love.

 Welcome to August! Well, July went by in a blink! I had planned to do a post sooner, but the activities and projects in the last month have kept me preoccupied. I'll share about that here in a minute, but I want to start with the intention of this month which is this: True love.

Do you believe in true love? I sure do. I have one BIG example of it in my life and many others, but let’s start with the big one: my parents.

My parents have had the blessing of being together for 60 years (54 married), happily. This month holds their anniversary. I feel it is perfect timing to talk about them and their love story.

I've seen relationships that share the time but not the love. There are many couples that stay together, but hold no love or like for each other. They stay for comfort, security and various other reasons.

I also know that there are many relationships that have love, but break for assorted reasons.

No relationship is perfect, but some offer an example of love, commitment, respect, honesty, ease and romance...these things embody what my parents for 60 years have shared and they are fortunate beyond measure. True love doesn’t come around that often, many never experience it, but my parents this go round were blessed to come together. They are absolute love birds. They still do sweet things for each other, bicker like kids (and get over it fairly quickly--ha ha!) and are somewhat inseparable. When they look at each other or if you witness them together, there is no question that they are deeply in love.

We all have different paths in life and with our learning. Some people learn through life experiences some through relationships. Some, well, don't learn at all. Ha! Whatever your path, I feel we are all here to learn about love. And if you can learn about it through a healthy partnership, then you are really lucky. I have a couple friends who have unquestionably met their true loves. When you meet your counterpart, there is no end to what you can create together.

I am grateful to my parents for the examples they are in my life. Thank you Momma & Papa for being such a lovely force of love in my life.

The benefit of having this kind of example in my life is this: More love for all of YOU! MWAH! 

Through my parents and my own relationships I’ve learned not only about love, but about compassion and empathy -- for others and for myself. And if it makes you feel any better, my learning in love hasn’t been that easy considering I’m a very sensitive lady (Ouchie), but I continue to keep my heart open knowing that I am still learning every day and that my experiences will only allow me to love more deeply and unconditionally. And when I am getting ready to share my life with my equal and true love, you'll be the first (well, after contacting family and close friends :)) to hear it.
Awwww...that looks sweet (and fun!).

So, changing subjects...hee hee.
If you’ve been wondering where I’ve been lately, well, I promise you, it’s all for you! I’ve been working on streamlining my website and developing some fun tools and products to help you all on your paths. We will be launching our new website any day now! I hope it will be your ‘one stop shop’ for products, perfumes, spiritual insight and inspiration!

Oh, and some other exciting news: We are participating in a show called Coeur in New York in September from the 16-17th. If you know any stores that might be interested in seeing our products in New York, let us know and we'll reach out to them. www.coeurshow.com

There is more exciting news, but it'll have to wait for a bit. Shhh....

How about some music to honor my parents and the love in our lives?

If you’re trying to attract love, try one of our items from our Life Essentials line. I've been told they work! :)

Life Essentials
I am giving you all BIG LOVE, always. I miss you already.

Have a happy, love-filled month!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Thank Your Lucky Stars (I'll thank mine, too!)

Welcome to June. I'm sorry I missed May's post and hope that this post makes up or it!

Let me just start by saying this: I've missed you. :)

 Last month was an emotionally challenging month for many. I felt like I was cocooned in an intense energy and could feel the weight of the burdens of the world. I see my sensitivity as a blessing, but during times of intense energy like last month and the months prior, being sensitive can be, in a nutshell, not so fun. ;)

I noticed last month, many people dealing with myriad challenges and grief (myself included). I prayed that it would end for us all, even though I knew in my heart that it was all purposeful.

Through it all, I could see past peoples immediate circumstance and saw and felt something more magnificent -- an abundance of love and a depth of understanding. I could clearly see the lessons people were learning and how ultimately, they were being stretched so that they could make room for new energy and a deeper understanding about love. It was a clearing and an awakening. As tough as it was, I'm grateful for it and hope as you all reflect on the last several weeks you will see the blessings in it all. 

What I know about these times of challenge is this: It is divine and purposeful. We are being stretched so that our hearts can let more light and love in. We are only given that which we can handle. If we learn to move through grief and challenges and allow the emotions to come up, the next time these things come around, we will be better prepared and hopefully, have a different perspective about how to work though these things. Grief is never easy, but sometimes people don't allow themselves to feel, let alone truly grieve. They sometimes turn to behaviors, outlets and develop unhealthy addictions to cope. And you know what, I'm sure temporarily, these things help to distract and numb, but the pain will still be there until you deal with it head on. The only way to clear it, it to dive straight in, let it move through you and let it out. It's not as scary as it seems. It's not fun, but it will free you, ultimately.

When we ask the Universe for help, it hears the call and it will wipe out anything that is no longer serving you. It’s the holding on that creates the suffering. So, my advice this month is to LET GO. Just STOP IT. Stop stuffing emotions. Stop the negative self-talk. Stop the fears. Stop limiting yourself. Stop forcing things. Stop controlling. LET IT ALL GO and LET IT ALL FLOW THROUGH and FLOAT. Be FREE.
This may be a hard concept for people to grasp. We so often want to be in control and hold on. What I learned in the last few months is this: I can take action with my goals. I can follow my heart and truth. I can support people in their lives and hold space for their choices. But, after this, I can let go and TRUST. I can trust that there are higher forces working in my favor (our favor) and that we don’t need to hold on too tightly. For if we do, there isn’t enough room to let the really, REALLY good stuff in. The MAGIC.

I’m ready for the magic. Are you??

I challenge you to completely surrender and allow things to flow this month. This does not mean be passive and apathetic. I mean, take action when you feel it. Follow  your heart and truth, but once you take action, let it go. Trust. Don’t force things to happen. The best things in life take time. I’m realizing that big time. Start by letting go of fears and being to follow your heart and where it pulls you. As simple as that is, the heart IS truth. It is the source of your intuition and the well of your knowing and 'being'. Follow your heart in every area of your life and then let go, float. I think you’re going to see a lot of beautiful, magical gifts if you do. :)

Here's a little music for you. We can't go without it, right??

I have some exciting news. Lot's of juicy news. Wink, wink. But, for your ears only, I have this: My new website will be launching, soon! I will be unfortunately, saying goodbye to Blogspot, but you will be able to read my monthly blog, purchase products from the Life Aromatherapy line, schedule intuitive readings, request a custom perfume...it'll all be in one place for you! Yay!! Finally! You'll be the first to know when it happen. The other juicy stuff will come later. Oooh, you're gonna likey!

Sending you all love. I'm gonna let this month bring me all that I desire and allow it in without doing too much manifesting. Hope you join me!


Friday, April 12, 2013

How to Tame a Dragon

Welcome spring! 

I always feel a sense of joy and deeper appreciation for nature in the months of spring. Here in Santa Monica everything is in bloom, in energy, too! 

Lately I’ve been reminded of innocence and what a beautiful thing that is. I see the innocence and light in children. They contain such joy and I feel it when I’m met with their curious eyes and delightful smiles. They bring out my playfulness. They light up my heart. They remind me of all that is good and sacred in life and how important it is to be present and in tune with their needs, for the smallest thing can wound them.
I feel we all have a childlike innocence, some people more than others. I see the weight that some adults carry and I see with that, how they have lost their light and innocence. Some people carry wounds from childhood and adulthood and have a lot of healing to do. Some have overwhelming responsibilities and therefore, their behavior carries a vibration of frustration and tension…any little thing sets them off. When I encounter these people, I try to help them remember their light. It’s easy to encourage and remind, but some, I feel are like fire breathing dragons. You have to be careful with your words and tone – the dragon will breathe fire if it feels it’s being threatened or questioned. Not everyone is ready to see the work they have to do. Not everyone thinks being light and joy-filled is a good thing. It might be an unrealistic, unobtainable fantasy. 

I understand, I've breathed fire with a person or two when I’ve felt like I’ve been disrespected. This is what I want to focus on…how to tame your inner dragon.
The key to all of this, I feel, is to establish healthy boundaries. Sometimes boundaries are absolutely necessary. Just like parents have teach boundaries to their children (well, some do), we have to do the same with certain people in our lives. Before we can do this though, we have to understand what our boundaries are. That can involve some inner reflection and self-work which can take some time. 

Once we have them down, it’s natural to breathe fire when someone crosses them. It’s a protective mechanism. If you have a level of awareness and self-respect, you’re not going to appreciate it when someone crosses your boundaries. You would think the bawl would cause a person to stop, listen and respect our wishes, but what I’ve noticed with breathing fire (getting angry) is that it does no good. It only hurts us and the other person. It’s not an effective way to communicate our needs. There is no way a person can hear you when you are screaming unless they are a well-trained student in deep listening. It takes a lot of life experience and empathy to understand why a person would get angry. I feel that anger is always a manifestation of a wound that has yet to be healed. There is a deep place within that person been hurt at some point in their lives and therefor they won’t tolerate being treated a certain way.
"Sometimes we walk in light. It shines through us. All we touch is warmed and brightened. Sometimes, we are the sun." -W. Spirit

Now with all this, I feel that when we remain light, graceful and embody an innocent attitude, we can gently communicate our needs and what we are comfortable with in relationships and elsewhere in our lives. We can truthfully communicate what hurts us. When we feel like someone is being disrespectful or dishonest, we can communicate with grace and consciousness and try to understand why they are behaving the way they are. We don’t have to accept bad behavior and we can keep our boundaries intact, but we can do it gently.

This month I ask that we do some spring cleaning and clear out anything that is no longer serving you. Bring back you innocence and lighten your load. Communicate gracefully. Keep your boundaries with people and when they cross them, state your needs, hurt and whatever else you need to share. Know that you can make a choice to leave when you feel disrespected. We have to preserve our light and innocence. It’s our life force energy. And, trust that we will always get the love from the people that recognize and cherish the light in us. Believe it!

To help woo your dragon, I'd like to recommend my Light Chakra Spray. I call it fairy dust. :) It will tame anything and anyone. Ha!

Here's a little music to help you with the process, as well!

I’m wishing you all a wonderful month. I hope that you find the light within and share it will the world.

Much love,

Monday, March 4, 2013

My Gypsy Tribe

I have a tribe of gypsy friends/family. One of my sisters is part of the tribe, as are four of my friends. I recognized them immediately. I have a large network of special friends that I share wonderful bonds with and will forever be my extended family, but the gypsies I’ve traveled with for lifetimes and I know that we’ve united for a higher purpose. For being a gypsy is a whole other way of living and not everyone knows what to do with a gypsy. ;)

Gypsy Tribe
I encounter other gypsy “acquaintances” occasionally that I instantly want to bond with. Like vampires, the gypsy in me recognizes them through my higher senses.The kinship that gypsies share is due to an understanding about freedom, expression and a non-conventional way of living. Gypsies are also highly aware and intuitive, for as travelers, they used their wit and instincts to survive and provide for themselves. They relied upon their community wherever they journeyed. When you share deep bonds with your community, if forms a foundation to be anywhere in the world knowing you always have your tribe. That’s the misconception about gypsies--that we’re non-committal. We commit to our community; to justice; to expression and to each other. For when we love, the love is everlasting. Freedom and trust lies in the connection as does a spiritual energy, and when we have this support, anything is possible. 
I’m a gypsy, but know that I don’t need to roam this lifetime. My gypsy friends are the same. We’ve connect to support each other in planting roots. We’ve needed freedom so that we can touch more people, but knowing that eventually, we all want to settle down and nest after our work is done.

That is the struggle with gypsies – often, planting roots takes time. Our roles are to spread wisdom, love, support and light through our work. We have to weigh our responsibly so that we can have more space to reach more people. Often gypsies don’t truly settle until later in life. This can be painful, but also incredibly fulfilling…it’s all how you understand the calling.

As much as my heart wants to slow down and settle, my gypsy spirit knows that I have more to do with my work. I’ve had to learn patience. So has my gypsy tribe. Through lifetimes of surviving off our gifts, we’ve learned to be tenacious, resourceful and faithful. Tools I use EVERY, SINGLE, DAY. No matter what, we know how to survive. We will always take care of each other and do the work necessary to share our talents and bring light to the world.

Here is my gypsy advice this month: Follow your dreams. Share your gifts. Make your focus about service. It’s important that we support each other and form a global tribe to uplift and support each other in our work, whatever that may be. I hear many people say “I’m not creative. I don’t have anything to offer. I’m not talented. There’s too much competition.” There is room for us all. Our focus may be different due to our responsibilities, but each role we play is valuable. If you have the space to explore your talents and build them, please do it! And if you’re in your craft, please share it!

I’m grateful for my gypsy friends. Maybe it’s because we’re all so similar. There’s an intuitive understanding. Everyone wants to feel loved and accepted, right? BUT, not everyone understands a gypsy. Oh, and, NEVER I mean, never (!), try to hold them down. They’ll shoot you to the stars!

Dancing Gypsies

Black Gypsy :)
In honor of my gypsy tribe, I’d like to recommend BohemienBlanc (White Gypsy – dances in the light-allure) and Bohemien Sombre (dances inthe dark-mystery). Two of my favorite fragrances from my high-end line of natural perfumes. White Gypsy had a little Rose and Frankincense and Black Gypsy has a little Amber and Rosewood. Both have close to a dozen essential oils in the formula and all are very, very enticing. You know we gypsies like to lure people in to our worlds. ;) 
White Gypsy :)

Here’s a little gypsy folk music to boot!

Happy March everyone. I hope this month is a great one for you. Bring out your inner gypsy. Start exploring. Share your gifts. Form a tribe, a community and support all you meet!  I have to go dance now.